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 Light Code Activation tattoos

Light codes for personal transformation and expression. Inking the body is a deep and personal journey.

The exchange for this service is between £111-£444 (GBP) depending on size. 

Send me a message to discuss your custom piece at


Activational light code channeled for Claire @clairitylightactivation Tattooed by @dennydagosta

Testimonial : 

Rosa created a personal Light Code Activation art piece for me which I had tattoo by a tattoo artist. Her work is so profound and highly connected to source consciousness. She worked really closely with me to ensure I was fully happy with the design which was felt really aligned and special to be part of the process. The light coding was so powerful that the tattoo experience was really profound and deep have my bespoke downloaded light codes Tattooed on my back! It's been such a significant part of my awakening journey! I highly recommend her work she is a gifted Light worker and highly connected soul artist



Design 2 gold.png

Testimonial : 

“I fell upon Rosa-Maria’s art by chance and when I sifted through all her beautiful light codes on her website, I immediately thought that I wanted a personalised tattoo. It was a bit of a leap of faith because I had no idea what I would be receiving, and whether I would like the design, but the moment she sent me the image I felt goosebumps and became teary-eyed as if I was recognising a familiar language; something that reminded me of home.

I absolutely love the design (and often receive comments about how unique it is) but what makes it special is its meaning, that feels so very personal to me. Rosa-Maria’s art is beautifully channeled and unique, it’s a gift to receive and wear it on my body.”



My website is:


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Design 2 gold.png
Design 2 gold.png
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