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Light Language Re-Coding

Light frequency re-coding is a metaphysical healing modality that allows for multi-dimensional upgrades and activations through adjusting and re-coding frequency templates and timelines.


I am a multi-dimensional frequency re-coder, anchoring in ancient and futurist pathways to recode density held within your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, through all lifetimes, dimensions, and realms. 

I am currently offering spoken light language transmissions with eye-to-eye transference. This is a compelling form of retrieving fragmented soul aspects, clearing trauma, and density. Upgrading your system and templates enables you to shift from re-occurring cycles which have held you back from raising your frequency and reaching your highest timeline.

Are you ready to make huge shifts and willing to meet me halfway, then get in touch? 

Sessions are offered via Zoom and in person for a duration of 30 mins 

Once payment is made I will confirm an appointment date and time via email.

"You hold the key codes to unlocking your full potential"


Exchange £222 (GBP)

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"I want to express my gratitude for your amazing and quite frankly jaw-dropping session we have had to help me overcome my personal issues. With just one session with yourself, you were able to do something that hasn't been achieved in 20 years of my life so far including many other failed attempts within the holistic therapy industry. 


The session was light but with a lot of depth, you asked me a few questions and then we proceeded. During the session, I felt safe and well supported. The next day, the change was clear to see.

I woke up and it was as if the burden of addiction (smoking, drinking, and drug abuse) were all completely halted in their tracks. It was as if I had had a complete change of heart with how I was now seeing them in my life.


Several months on and it's still the same if not better. This light code your able to connect to and reconfigure is a gift and I'm so pleased you helped me in my own recording.


If it wasn't for the session we had, I was in all honesty completely lost to a solution and scared of what the future had in store for myself. All can say is my life is back in my hand's thanks to you and this truly magnificent work you do.


Anyone reading this, Rosa is the real deal and a true angel walking beside us with a gift from the divine. If she can lift me from rock bottom, I know she can cure and help anyone.


Thank you, Rosa, you've changed my life.



I don’t understand what happened nor how this works but every aspect of my life has improved since my 10-minute session with Rosa. Now in my late 40s, smoking, drinking, poor diet, and no exercise was damaging my body and leaving me with low energy and no lust for life. I’d say I am a skeptic who had exhausted all other options and had pretty much accepted a future of declining health.

Rosa asked me to set my intention, which took a while as she asked me to get to the root of what I wanted to change. Then, I simply told her my intention and she began. It was over in minutes. I left, not really knowing what to think and certainly with no real expectation of a meaningful change.

A few days later, I noticed I wasn’t feeling anxiety in any of the scenarios that would normally trigger feelings of being unsettled and I remember feeling like whatever was preventing me from becoming something better, somehow wasn’t there anymore. I threw away my cigarettes and lighters (fully expecting to have to buy more the next day as I had done several times before). Surely, this was a momentary feeling of strength? A day went by, followed by a week and then a month with no cigarettes. Something was very different - I wasn’t doing this with willpower but I did feel powerful and wanted to do more. I wondered what I might be able to do now. Several months later, I’m no longer a smoker, I don’t drink alcohol, I get up early so I can exercise before work and I have so much energy. I’ve lost a stone in weight and I feel 20 years younger.




I'm Rosa-maria, I am a Quantum healer and Cosmic Light Channel creating vibrational Light Encoded Artwork. 


I anchor sacred knowledge through light code activations. These cosmically channeled frequencies are referred to as light transmissions created by channeling my multi-dimensional aspects of self and galactic star beings in the form of hand-drawn light codes using sacred geometry and light scripture into ascension vibrational art enhanced with spoken Light Language activations. 

My services include hand-drawn healing Light Code Activations, Digital Logos, Commercial Artwork, Soul Tattoos, and Light Language re-coding with an open eye-to-eye transmission.  

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